To me (and I’m assuming a lot of people) a band is most recognized by their singer. Die hard fans may know every band member’s name and role, but casual listeners of, for example, Brand New will recognize it’s a Brand New song based off of Jesse Lacey’s voice. If it’s not the voice, then a casual fan could recognize a band based on the singer’s face being front-and-center on every album cover/poster. That’s why I think it is a very bold and risky move for a band to go on with a different lead singer. Fans could be annoyed by the change, and ultimately move on.

Some recognizable bands that have had different singers throughout the years are Three Days Grace (who hired a new singer after the original left in 2013) and Dance Gavin Dance (who have alternated throughout clean and unclean vocalists throughout their 11 years as a band). Other bands have continued on performing after their original lead singers had passed such as Queen. One of the most recent bands that have announced the resignation of a lead singer is Of Mice & Men.

Last week Austin Carlile announced that he will have to take a permanent leave from the band in order to focus on his health. You can read the full post here, but basically Carlile learned that continuing to perform would cause life-threatening damage due to his Marfan Syndrome. Carlile assured fans that the band would continue without him, and there is no bad blood between the two. Carlile having to leave due to his sickness is very sad, but I hope the band does not suffer without him. Carlile has left the band before and they continued to succeed, so maybe this will happen once again.

Leave a comment: Do you think a band should continue on with a new singer, or just form a new band all together?

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