Pop-punk band The Maine released their new single this past Thursday to tease their sixth studio album. “Bad Behavior” will be the second track on the album entitled lovely, little, lonely which is set to debut on April 7, 2017.

“Bad Behavior” follows the path of “English Girls” (the single from their last album) in which it’s a little sugary, but laced with themes of sex and late night love. It opens with an upbeat guitar rift and the chorus starts off with some popish “yeah, yeah, yeah!” The lyrics to the chorus are:

one, two hits/her lips/and bad behavior
i’m in danger/three, four a.m.
the feeling’s getting stranger/i’m in danger
bad behavior

Overall I think the song is okay. It is definitely designed to get catchier the more it is listened to, but my first impression was that it was just meh. I always feel like The Maine’s singles are never too emotionally strong compared to the rest of the songs on the album, so I wouldn’t let this song shape your preconceived ideas of lovely, little, lonely. “Bad Behavior” will be a fun song to sing along with once they start touring for the new album.

Check out the lovely, little, lonely tour dates here

Check out “Bad Behavior” here

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