Recently I’ve been stuck in a loop where I continuously see bands perform live that I have already seen. It is rare for me to buy tickets to see someone new because I’ve pretty much seen everyone live that I love. Luckily I saw a band for the first time last night, and that band happened to be the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Hands down the biggest name I’ve ever seen (besides maybe The Foo Fighters), RHCP graced the stage at Wells Fargo Center in Philly last night to play a combination of their greatest hits, old songs, and songs off their new album The Getaway. I was really pumped to see them play because I’ve been singing along to their songs since I’ve been conscious enough to listen to music. The band has been playing music together for exactly 35 years and 1 day, so I was expecting to not know some of the songs in the setlist. I assumed they would play most of their hits, their latest single, and maybe a song or two off of The Getaway. I was very wrong, and that kind of sucked.

The band opened by jamming together random melodies that eventually led into “Can’t Stop.” The next two songs, “Dani California” and “Scar Tissue” were also huge hits and the crowd was loving it. After that, however, the band launched into five new songs in a row. Personally I really liked the songs, but you could tell the crowd wasn’t feeling it. After about a half hour of just swaying and listening, the crowd gained a new life when the intro to “Californiacation” started.

Despite being a band that’s collected a huge fan base over decades, this was the lowest-energy show I’ve been to (crowd wise). Unless hits were being played, the clapping wasn’t explosive and there were very few people singing. The band was incredible, don’t get me wrong, but I wish they fed off the crowds energy a little more and played more hits. The plus side was that the band gave so much energy into the new songs that I couldn’t be too mad the were switching it up. If you get a chance to see RHCP live you should definitely go for it, just maybe brush up on their newer material.

Check out The Getaway here

February 13 setlist

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