The Oculus Rift is (in my opinion) the latest and most initiative gaming system seen this century. Using VR (virtual reality) technology, you put the Oculus Rift face mask on and immerse yourself in whatever game you’ve installed into the system. Now along putting yourself in the middle or horror games and simulators, you can live out your dream of being a rock star with Rock Band VR– the newest addition to the Rock Band family.

Alternative Press report a little while back that the game would be released, and is focusing more on the experience of being center stage, rather than always hitting the notes. Now the game, which will feature 60 songs total, released part of the setlist. Bands that are confirmed to be featured on the game include Alice In Chains, Basement, and The Foo Fighters.

I would be extremely pumped about this game if I had an Oculus Rift, so shoutout to the people that can actually buy this game (I might have to come over and borrow it.) Rock Band VR will retail for $69.99 and is available for pre-order (the game comes out March 23). To all you Oculus Rift owners: have fun virtually rocking out while I continue to play the old-school way.


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