I distinctly remember the first time I ever heard a Guns N Roses song. A group of 8th graders were listening to it after school, and then my 5th grade self listened to it about 500 times that month. They’re one of those bands where the music really sticks with you, and songs like Paradise City and Sweet Child O’ Mine have become known music staples throughout the decades. Their popularity and talent is the reason why I find the Fine Brothers most recent video, Kids React To Guns N Roses, hysterical.

Quickly, if you don’t know who the Fine Brothers are, they’re a group of guys who run a popular YouTube channel based on people reacting to different things like viral videos, technology, and music. The Fine Brothers brought in a group of 8-13 year old kids and had them react to multiple songs off of Appetite For Destruction (their 1987 debut album) and some later songs like November Rain. The kids were pretty divided on whether they liked the band or not. One girl commented on their skills and said, “They’re okay…I’ll give them some credit because it’s from the past 30 years.” Other kids really enjoyed the music and often called it mind-blowing.

The best thing these kids said, however, was “Oh,  I know this one!” The fact that these kids actually recognized songs that were not only released before they were born, but possibly released before their parents were even married, is amazing to me. Regardless if they liked the song, they knew what it was, either because they’re mom sings it to them (like one girl said about Sweet Child O’ Mine) or because they recognize the sound from when their dads play old CDs.

If you want to giggle and listen to some good music then check out the video here, and if you know any kids then you should totally see how they react to Guns N Roses too.

Kids React To Guns N Roses Video

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