So if you’ve been listening to punk, pop-punk, post hardcore, or any genres of music along those lines since your young teens, then you certainly know what the Vans Warped Tour is. If not, then it’s a big one-day festival that has a ton of bands playing simultaneously on seven or eight stages. The bands tour all summer and typically play 30-40 minute sets consisting of their top fan favorites. This past Wednesday the 2017 lineup was finally released, confirming most rumored lineup leaks.

This year Warped Tour is throwing it back with some older bands like CKY and GWAR, giving veteran Warped-Tour-ers and excuse to get back in the pit. The lineup also consists of a lot more heavier bands, and does not include bands that have been consistently included in the lineup for years like Mayday Parade (they have their own summer tour this year) or The Wonder Years. If you’ve never been to Warped Tour, or just are unsure of who to see, then check out my top 5 list of bands that I am most psyched to see this year:

1.) Dance Gavin Dance


I’ve been a fan of this band since high school, but have never gotten a chance to see them live. They’ve got great older songs like Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most and awesome new jams like Death Of A Strawberry and Chucky Vs. The Giant Tortious (the single off their latest album). If you like a band that has a nice mix of good clean and unclean vocals, then check them out this year on the Journey Right Foot stage.

2.) Boston Manor


I just recently discovered this band (like this week when my sister told me to listen to them) so I don’t know much other than I like their music. They’re a pop-punk band from the UK and have been opening up for Moose Blood during their current spring tour. You’ll be able to check them out on the Full Sail University stage.

3.) Counterparts


This band is going to be good for all you heavy music fans. The Canadian hardcore punk band plays a lot of angry sounding music, and I’m honestly just excited to see them because I’ve been wanting to jump around in a rough pit lately. Jump around with me and catch them at the Mutant North stage.

4.) Silverstein


Not gonna lie, I just wanna see them perform My Heroine live cause that was my sophomore-year-of-high-school jam. They’ll be bringing back memories on the Mutant South stage.

5.) Trophy Eyes


This is another pop-punk band that my sister introduced to me. They’ve also been touring alongside Boston Manor on Moose Blood’s tour, and I’m really digging the music that I’ve listened to on Spotify. I’ve been looking for more pop-punk bands to add to my daily playlist, so I’m excited to check these guys out. The Australians will be jamming on the Full Sail University stage.

Check out the full lineup here, and let me know what bands you’re psyched to see!

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