When Blink came out with Parking Lot a week or so ago I was bummed that I didn’t get to review it, but then they handed me a gift and released Misery yesterday! The second track released that’s going to be found on the deluxe edition of “California,” Misery is a slower song that’s made up of Mark Hoppus’ monotone-melancholy vocals and Matt Skiba’s sing-a-long style voice that livens up the chorus.

For the record, I enjoyed “California” and I enjoy Matt Skiba replacing Tom. I’ve been a huge Blink fan for more than a decade, and I know a lot of people are bummed that they don’t sound like the “old Blink” with Skiba, but they don’t sound like the old Blink with Tom either. On “Neighborhood” DeLonge’s voice is clearly deeper and just not easy on the ears. Hoppus and Skiba’s voices just mesh well to me.

With that said, I really like Misery. It sounds like it’ll pair nicely with the rest of the songs on the album, and the chorus sounds like something I could easily belt in my car (which honestly is what makes a great song anyway). On the flip side, if Skiba didn’t pump up the chorus with some punk-rebellious lyrics I could belt, then it wouldn’t be that good. The beginning is just kind of eh for me cause Mark Hoppus is being too monotone. I’ll be looking forward to whatever else they release for the deluxe addition, and excited for what future music Blink-182 puts out.

Check out Misery here

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