After teasing us with little clips of songs and posting all over their social media accounts about the release, The Maine’s sixth studio album is finally available to the public!! (Cue confetti and sparklers.) The Maine are extremely proud of this album. In an interview with PopCrush, they called it “…our most important record yet.” I have been anxiously awaiting this album since I bought tickets to see their summer tour a few months back. I even updated my Spotify account to Premium so I could listen to it immediately. I was unsure of how I would feel about this album based off of the couple songs that were released (you can check out my review of Bad Behavior here). After listening to it twice, I can say that I am very content with it overall.

I would describe the overall mood of the album as “mellow.” It’s a really great album to listen to first thing in the morning, which is exactly what I did today. It won’t give you a headache, but it’s still got tracks that are upbeat enough to wake you up some more.

I really enjoy most of the songs throughout the 12-song track list. The opening song Don’t Come Down perfectly sets the tone for what’s left to come. It’s upbeat in a slow way (something that I think The Maine is notorious for), and a great song to bob your head to. When the song finishes you’re left smiling, and that’s a good vibe to have going into a new album. The following song is Bad Behavior, the aforementioned single that was first released, so the familiarity keeps the listener smiling. It also eases into the song really nicely, and I’m a sucker for great transitions.

Other favorites of mine include TaxiBlack Butterflies & Deja Vu, and Do You Remember (The Other Half of 23).  These are the songs that stood out to me the most during the first listen, and that I find myself skipping to. My least favorite song is Little. It’s very short and more of an instrumental break, but it’s kind of weird. I also have a small problem with the closing song How Do You Feel. It’s a good song, but I think they could have picked something stronger to close. It just doesn’t feel like a conclusion, and I found myself wanting more. That’s probably also because the album isn’t even 40 minutes long. I love The Maine so I just wish there was a little more content to this long-awaited album.

Overall I definitely suggest taking a listen to this album. It’s really good and will not disappoint, whether you’ve been a fan of The Maine in the past or are just checking them out for the first time. The album is available in full on Spotify, iTunes, and probably any other music site.

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