Coachella has officially commenced and it’s all my social media is filled with. Lady Gaga revealed a new single, Drake surprised everyone during Future’s set, and I’m sure the new Queen of Coachella will soon be crowned. It’s the festival of the year that people are willing to break the bank over, and I really don’t get why.

Maybe it’s because I’m not into hip-hop/rap/pop music, maybe it’s because I don’t shop at Urban Outfitters and have no festival clothes to show off, or maybe it’s because I’m nowhere near California, but to me Coachella seems a bit overrated. It’s SOOOO expensive, it’s full of cultural appropriation disguising itself as trends, and the headlining artists go on tours all the time. I get it might be cool to see these artists in a festival-atmosphere, but if you’ve been to a festival then you know it might be hard to catch certain artists since their playing times can overlap. I feel like the upside to festivals is they are usually filled with artists that don’t really do tours of their own anymore, but that’s really not the case for Coachella (as far as I know).

I get it if you’re famous or are apart of a brand that is super Coachella-themed. For example I saw that PacSun has its own booth, as does Sephora, and since they’ve been pitching ideas for Coachella for months then they should be there. I also get it if you’re a rich kid from California. Sure, buy your ticket, drive a few miles, and enjoy the weekend. I just don’t think it’s something worth a road-trip or flying out for. On top of all that, Coachella seems to be more of a publicity stunt or a fashion show instead of actually being about the music.

If you’ve been to Coachella then leave me a comment letting me know why it’s great! I’m curious to hear about peoples experiences, but for now, I’ll just keep my money.

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