I’ve seen a fair amount of bands play live in my 21 years of life. Thanks to Warped Tour and New Jersey’s Six Flags (back when they had great concerts), I have been lucky enough to seem some really awesome bands multiple times. I’ve seen All Time Low four times, The Wonder Years three times, Moose Blood three times, and so many more.

This post, however, is going to focus on the two times I saw my current favorite band: Brand New. I saw them July 2016 in Philly at The Mann Center and a few months later in Allentown at the PLL Center. Seeing my favorite band twice had a lot of awesome benefits, but also a handful of cons that I didn’t expect.

Pro: Getting a second chance at belting the lyrics

The first time I saw Brand New I had been listening to their albums on repeat for months, but I still somehow only new all the words to Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t. The second time around I had learned pretty much all the words to every song on The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Us (since it was a tour for that album) and got to experience the magic of singing along with Jesse better than I had before.

Con: The Second Performance Could Be Worse Than The First

This is the main con I found with seeing Brand New twice. At The Mann Center the band played their set without much pause for banter. I had heard that Brand New is more about the music and less about the talk, so I was expecting and happy about that. Their music is so emotional that I enjoyed it more with less pauses. Seeing them at the PLL Center Jesse talked a lot more, and replaced choruses and bridges that I was so excited to hear with random lyrics from different songs. I forget which one, but he replaced the end of one of my favorite songs with lyrics from Monster Mash…the kid Halloween song.

Pro: A Better View

I definitely had a better view of the show the second time around. My sister was lucky enough to score us GA tickets so we were able to get super close to the stage. The first time we were on the second level of The Mann Center and in the very last row. The venue didn’t have screens on the inside so the band were the size of ants.

Con: A Different Crowd

While being on the floor gives you a better view, you also have to deal with being in annoyingly close proximity of other people. Before the show started there was a group of seven or eight people that would just not stop screaming. When the show did start we had to deal with obnoxious people creating mosh pits. Thankfully they were short lived since Brand New’s music is more on the slower side.

Pro: Getting To See Them Twice

Despite the differences and the performance not being as good as the first, it was still awesome to see Brand New again. They’ve made it very clear that they’re ending the band in 2018, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them again. If they do announce one final tour then I’ll be in that crowd for the third time.

Check out Brand New here