After a few single releases and major hype from the band, All Time Low’s Last Young Renegade is finally available worldwide on Spotify, iTunes, and probably for free on YouTube somewhere. All Time Low was one of the first pop-punk bands I became obsessed with. My Facebook statuses were 90% their lyrics and I have multiple autographed posters that I got at Warped Tour tents. I enjoyed their last album (Future Hearts released in 2015) and cringed at Dirty Work just like the band and fans inevitably did. So I went in to this album with high hopes, and was a bit let down.

This album isn’t bad. There was no point where I was visibly cringing or just needed to turn it off, although I did get bored a minute into “Drugs & Candy.” The thing is that this album is full of a ton of bops (songs I nod my head to) and virtually no jams (songs that I blast in my car and belt). The only song I found myself dancing in my bed to was Ground Control (ft. Tegan and Sara) and I think that’s cause the women’s great voices broke up lead-singer Alex Gaskarth’s weird monotone-persona he adopted for a majority of this album.

“Last Young Renegade” was a good opener for the album. It’s more upbeat than most of the songs, the chorus is catchy as hell, and I can find myself wanting to jam to it after a few more listens. It’s also one of the less repetitive songs of the album, which I think is another reoccurring problem. I get that bands and artists want a song or two where it’s the same lyrics pretty much throughout the entire thing for concerts, but that’s almost this whole album. Gaskarth can write, there’s plenty proof of it in most of All Time Low’s previous albums, but the lyrics in Last Young Renegade seem more focused on making sure fans can easily remember them.

I do appreciate that the band is maturing their music with age, but it’s still a bit too childish for me. I get that All Time Low’s demographic is young angsty teens, but us angsty adults who were with you during Nothing’s Personal and The Party Scene are all grown up now and may want some music where you don’t refer to yourselves as kids.

I do still recommend you check out the album. It’s got a pretty mellow vibe, and if you like easy song lyrics to remember then you really will enjoy this. It was a good effort from All Time Low, but it just fell short of great for me.

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