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Here’s 10 Tips For Surviving Warped Tour

The 2017 Vans Warped Tour kicks off today in Seattle, Washington and will make it's way around America with tons of vendors, over 80 bands, and lots of sweaty fans. I can't wait to go again this year (it will... Continue Reading →


These Teens Know Nothing About Pop-Punk Hits

Warning: Watching this video will make you cringe. The Fine Brothers are at it again with a new video on their REACT channel, and this time it's having teens try to guess classic 2000s pop-punk songs. If you would like... Continue Reading →

Here’s Some Great Female Artists In Honor Of International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day everybody! Below is a list of 3 kick-ass female singers that have made their mark on the music world. Everybody should check them out because women rock - literally. Joan Jett Who doesn't still jam out... Continue Reading →

My Reaction To “Kids React To Guns N Roses”

I distinctly remember the first time I ever heard a Guns N Roses song. A group of 8th graders were listening to it after school, and then my 5th grade self listened to it about 500 times that month. They're one... Continue Reading →

Oculus Rift Helps You Become A Rock Star With “Rock Band VR”

The Oculus Rift is (in my opinion) the latest and most initiative gaming system seen this century. Using VR (virtual reality) technology, you put the Oculus Rift face mask on and immerse yourself in whatever game you've installed into the system.... Continue Reading →

Happy 50th Birthday, Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain would have turned 50 today (February 20, 2017) and his daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, posted a little letter for her dad. Alternative Press reported that this letter, posted on Frances' Instagram, reads: "Today would have been your 50th... Continue Reading →

Isolated Vocals Are Taking Over

If you don't know, isolated vocals are when a person strips down a song so we can listen to the singer without the band backing him/her up. A lot of isolated vocals tracks have been retweeted lately including Kurt Cobain... Continue Reading →

Bands That Switch Singers

To me (and I'm assuming a lot of people) a band is most recognized by their singer. Die hard fans may know every band member's name and role, but casual listeners of, for example, Brand New will recognize it's a... Continue Reading →

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